Valentine's Recipe: Vanilla Rich Cheese Cake

Ahead of Valentine's Day, let's see recipe Vanilla cake with a sprinkling of cheese below. No need to be afraid cake would not be, because the prescription of bu Fatmah Bahalwan, owner NCC Indonesia is now being tested in the kitchen NCC.

Vanilla Sponge Cake

Ingredients A:

5 whole eggs btr

5 egg yolks btr

150 grams sugar

15 g Cake emulsifier

1 tsp Vanilli

Material B:

120 gr flour

10 gr cornstarch

10 gr milk powder

Material C, whisk together until smooth:

75 g Margarine

75 g Cheese Filling

How to make it:
  • Whisk until thick Material A, insert B while sifted ingredients. Give C stir until blended back.
  • Pour batter into 3 pans 22x22x4cm size box. Bake in oven until cooked temperature of 180'C.

Butter Cream Cheese


250 gr Butter cream

Cheese 100gr whipped cream

Cheese powder 1 tbsp

How to make it:
  • Stir all ingredients together and stir well.
  • Complement: Bakery Cheese grater long & simple syrup
  • Put a sheet cake on the cake board, wet with simple syrup, butter polish with cream cheese.
  • Place another cake on top, wet again, polishes again, again override with the sheet cake last longer wet.
  • Polishing the entire cake with butter cream cheese. Ornamental all surfaces cake with grated cheese.

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