Tasting Shrimp Fried Salted Egg

Shrimp, one kind is indeed delicious seafood processed into any cuisine. One of them, when processed into typical oriental menu. As menu option titled salted egg fried shrimp. Hmm ... the delicious shrimp can be enjoyed during the Chinese New Year celebrations with family later.

Executive Chef Holiday Inn Bandung M Feisal Rahman chose a medium-sized shrimp. Parts of the outer shell and the head is left intact attached.

The treatment process is fairly simple menu. The shrimp were so smelly lemon amisnya lost. Then fried half-baked.

The most special, the menu is given extra spice, the salted egg just the middle part. "Yellow is the salted egg taste is unique. Was a tasty fit mixed with the delicious shrimp," said Feisal.

Salted egg yolk and then crushed with garlic, lime leaves and curry leaves. Everything is mixed and processed into sauce.

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