Sweet Spicy Sauce Chicken Wings Bambino

Call it chicken wings. The wing of the chicken is not only delicious eaten with rice. Evidently this time, often used as a snack chicken wings served without rice. Some cafes have a menu Bandung chicken wings served with special seasoning.

One of them in Fussion Bistro, hangout at Fir Street number 81, also chose chicken wings as a menu mainstay.

Chicken wings bambino sauce, mixed from the creative hands of Chef Bambi Daman. She tried to collaborate and Chinesse Western taste makes chicken wings is different from the others.

"I try to mix a lot of flavors in it, so be fussion menu. Though mixing western and chinesse taste, but still get into the tongue of Indonesia," said Chef Daman to detikbandung.

Sure enough, the spicy sweetness that feels in the mouth. Spicy sensation produced is also an indirect kick in the mouth at first bite of chicken. The sensation of spicy chicken wings continues to feel until the last bite.

"Deliberately make a baseball spicy kick at the same time. Though wet outside, but inside it was still crispy, but not fried at all, just baked," explained Chef Daman.

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