10 Delicious Food Menu Which There Are Only in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia incomplete if not talking about the food. Not only is paradise for its beautiful beaches-beautiful and admired by tourists, about Indonesian food is also one of the traditional food heaven. With processed spices-rempahnya, Indonesia has many spicy food menu that makes the tongue sway.

Uniquely, in every region has its own advantages and uniqueness about food. Call it the city of Malang, if you visit the city's birth KapanLagi.com not eat meatballs, not to Malang name. Familiar with the menu of Malang Malang meatballs unparalleled. Even outside the city touting many meatballs menu heralding Malang, wah deh different taste guaranteed.

Actually there are many typical diets in Indonesia, but this time we will name 10 of them alone. Hmmm ... how? Already tempted first? Keep your hunger and prepare a delicious menu to choose which only exists in Indonesia.

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